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Check out the workshops that we'll be hosting during our learning festivals! We plan on hosting about ten learning festivals, each with all of these workshops, along our trip. If you would like us to come to your town, please contact us.

Details coming soon!

3D Printing

3D Printing

Introduction to 3-D printing. How does it work? What can 3-D printing be used for? Students will then have the opportunity to design and print an object of their choice. We will bring a 3-D printer and 3-D printed objects for this workshop.


Solar Cell

Students will build their own solar cells in this workshop (aka a homemade solar panel)! We will learn about what renewable energy is, why it's important, and then each student will learn about the components in solar cells. We will build solar cells together using household ingredients like raspberries and graphite pencils.

Sound Waves

Physics of

From workout playlists to love songs, music is an experience that shapes our emotions. It surrounds us in everyday life, and yet rarely are we shown the underlying decisions that make it so emotionally powerful. 
In this workshop, learn about music through melody, harmony, timbre, and rhythm with a focus on the physics that underlies these fundamentals.


Leaf Chromatography

Students will learn about the pigments present in leaves that perform photosynthesis. Then through simple techniques they will learn about chromatography (the separation of compounds by sizes). We will create artwork with the paper used to perform chromatography! We will also explore the pigments present in different art supplies like water colors, markers, and pens!



Students will be able to build their own circuit to turn electricity into light! We will learn about how electricity works, different components of a circuit and the fundamentals of laws of electricity.



This is our planned route for summer 2022. 

Learning festival locations are shown with red markers.

Our daily stops are shown with blue markers.

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