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Day 76: Where is Robert? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

August 15, 2022

63 miles and 1,500 ft of elevation gain

Fallon, NV to Carson City, NV

Ask us any questions on our Q&A form:

Many of our blog followers have been asking us “Where is Robert?” and so have we. Here is a quick recap for those of you who haven't been following so closely. Robert got COVID and we dropped him off (while fully socially distanced) in Reno and drove back to Ely where we would continue biking until we met up with him. Throughout his quarantine period, whenever we’d wonder what he was up to, we would check his location on our phone just to make sure our Robert was safe and sound in Reno Suites. We said goodbye to our hosts at the Fallon Youth Club and went to say hello to our missing member of our team, Robert. Robert has been self-isolating in Reno for the last week or so and he has some stories from Reno, dubbed the Reno Chronicles that he has been messaging us about while he was away. Simone and I headed to Reno to pick him up. I joined the car that day to give my ankle another day to rest after twisting it a couple of days ago. Better safe than sorry.

Goodbye Fallon Youth Club!

We passed by a pho restaurant in Reno, and since then I’ve been fixated on the idea of pho. There really hasn’t been a good noodle soup place to eat at on our trip. After picking up Robert, and running a couple of errands, we headed to meet up with the bikers.

We got caffeinated at a small coffee shop while we waited for the bikers to arrive. After leaving, we soon arrived at our stay with Tod in Carson City. Like all of our hosts, their place was on top of a hill. Glad that I didn’t have to climb it. After the bikers arrived, we enjoyed a nice rib dinner with Tod.

Views from Tod's place

Frequently Asked Questions

Stanford Spokes had a great idea of having a Q&A so I am stealing the idea. I wanted to give the reader (you) a chance to ask us any questions and we will try to answer as many of them across the next few blogs. Click here for the Q&A form:

I’ll start it off with the most frequently asked questions we’ve got on the road.

Where are we all from?

Sophia (Amherst in Western Massachusetts), Simone (Newton in Eastern Massachusetts), Robert (Southern California), Maxwell (Northern California), Franklin (Greater Miami Area, aka So-Flo instead of No-Flo), and Mariela (Military parents so she has lived all over).

What are the weirdest things you’ve eaten on the trip?

Pita Sandwiches with Skittles (Maxwell), Bananas with chili oil (Maxwell & Simone), Chocolate Gravy (Robert), a white unlabeled bag filled with nasty powder advertised as electrolytes (Franklin), Hot dog but replace the sausage with a cucumber, and the bread with a slice of ham (Sophia), the bugs that fly into our mouths while biking (Mariela).

What was your favorite state of the trip?

Most of us would agree that Kentucky was our favorite state because of all the great people we’ve met and stayed with! This was still pretty early on in the trip so were still overwhelmed with all the new experiences. Although Colorado was my favorite state to bike through because of the scenery.

Ask your own questions on our Q&A form:

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