Not Pictured: Caralyn Cutlip

Evan Tey

MIT '19 | Physics and Computer Science

​Hi! I'm Evan. I'm a senior at MIT studying physics and computer science. Growing up in Austin, Texas, I loved studying astronomy, making things with computers, eating great food, watching lots of football, and playing lots of soccer. I love learning anything from history to math to EE, and I love sharing these things with others. At MIT, when not working on classes, I'm hanging out at the Educational Studies Program office, playing soccer, practicing piano, or watching Texas Longhorn football. Over the summer, I'm excited to get to meet people from all different walks of life and I'm excited to go stargazing in some super dark skies!

Leah Yost

MIT '21 | Mathematics and Science Writing

​Hi all! I’m Leah and I’m a sophomore studying math and science writing. I grew up in Matamoras PA (near Scranton, The Office anyone?). I’m the second oldest of eight in my family and before you say that’s a lot, yes, it’s a lot. But growing up in that chaos had its own sort of fun, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. When I’m not struggling through my math problem sets, you can probably find me throwing stuff in the on-campus ceramics studio where I’ve made waaayyy too many mugs for one family (I think they’re too polite to tell me to stop). I also love reading, practicing my Spanish (read- attempting to practice), and playing field hockey for the MIT team. I’ve never done a cross-country treck like this before, but I’m excited to get ripped quads, meet some amazing people, and teach even more incredible kids!

Devin Seyler

MIT '22 | Physics and Mathematics

Hi everybody! My name is Devin, and I’m a freshman studying physics and math at MIT. Before coming to Boston for college, I grew up near Helena in the beautiful state of Montana. When I’m not studying for classes or planning to bike across the country, I spend my time running up and down the Charles River with the newly-founded MIT running club and working in a physics research lab on an upcoming experiment to detect dark matter. I also enjoy hiking, biking, and anything outdoors, so I can’t wait for the trip this summer! I look forward to seeing the entire United States and teaching science camps in small towns where children don’t get these kinds of opportunities very often. Most of all, I’m excited about all of the new people I’ll meet while biking from one coast to the other.

Caralyn Cutlip

MIT '18 | Mechanical Engineering

Hi! My name is Caralyn and I graduated in 2018, studying product design, German, and music. I grew up in Vantage, WA (population: 60), and after moving across the country to study in Boston, decided to go a step further across the ocean, working in energy in Germany. Along with singing and eating, traveling is one of my primary passions, and I can't wait to see the US in a new way this summer! On top of it, the chance to show students a few different sides of STEM along the way is priceless. To all the people we'll meet along the way, see you soon!

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Maile Jim

MIT '22 | Biological Engineering

Hi everyone, I’m Maile! I’m a freshman studying biological engineering here at MIT. I’ve lived for most of my life in Honolulu, Hawaii where I spent my free time hiking, going to the beach, and re-reading my favorite fantasy novels for the tenth time. At MIT, I’m on the varsity sailing team and am working in a biology lab focusing on plant epigenetics. I became passionate about teaching after working as a physics TA at my high school and as a student-teacher in Kazakhstan this past winter. I’ve done many short backpacking trips, but this will definitely be the most intense adventure so far! I’m so stoked to explore the US with this great team!

Edgardo Letona

MIT '22 | Brain and Cognitive Science

​Hi! I am Edgardo Letona, and I am a freshman from MIT! I am Hispanic. I was born and raised in El Salvador, a beautiful place that I call home. I am interested in many things! When I was in high school, I was part of the Physics Olympics Team, through which I went to four international competitions. At these competitions, I made great friends and discovered how big the world is. I am now interested in neuroscience and how the brain forms our consciousness and memories. I love learning new things and traveling. No better way to do so than by biking across the US and sharing my passion for knowledge!

Erin Leydon

MIT '22 | Aerospace Engineering

Hello, my name is Erin, and I’m a freshman at MIT. I’m from Marietta, Georgia, so I’m definitely still getting used to winters in Massachusetts. Some of my favorite memories are from road trips and canoe trips, so I’m excited for a long-distance bike trip, especially because it’ll be longer than any other trip I’ve been on. At MIT, I’m a member of MIT Rocket Team, a student organization aiming to send a rocket above the Kármán line (100 km above the Earth’s surface). I plan to study aerospace engineering during my time at MIT so that I can continue working on projects like this my entire career. I can’t wait to show kids how fantastic STEM (especially engineering) is!

Bill Kuhl

MIT '22 | Aerospace Engineering

Hello everyone, my name is Bill. I am from Chicago (well, not exactly Chicago, but you probably haven’t heard of Elmhurst), and am an AeroAstro Major here at MIT.  Essentially all I want to do is to build things that fly, ideally things that fly really fast. I have always loved science, and vividly remember my homemade ‘experiments’ that exposed me to the stem world (most of which involved me almost breaking something). I am a Lineman on the Football team here at MIT, and as it is the least cardio-intensive position on the field, biking 50  Miles a day is sure to be an adventure! I am also a member of the Rocket Team and the MIT Mock Trial team. I look forward to seeing you on the road!

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