Instructors: An Jimenez and Bethany Cates

Inspired by MIT's hands-on approach to learning, this workshop is all about building things. What things? Capsules to protect a raw egg from cracking, paper boats that can travel fast in different mediums, bridges that can withstand textbooks. In this workshop, students will channel their creativity and team building skills to work with their peers to design and construct prototypes that can perform various tasks, all with simple household materials. The sky is the limit!

Scratch from Scratch

Instructors: Kate Pearce and Annie Phan

Description: In this workshop, stuIn this workshop, students will have the opportunity to program their own animations, stories, and games using Scratch, an educational program developed by MIT’s Media Lab. Its drag and drop interface and wide array of tutorials and samples makes it easy to get started. In Scratch from Scratch, no experience is necessary. Students of all ages will have the opportunity to try programming and make something cool of their own choosing! Lots of “play time” will be offered, and students will also get to interact and see what others are making. Additionally, the applications of coding will be touched upon, inspiring students to continue exploring this interesting field. At the end of the session, participants will have “made” something and will realize how programming is useful and fun!

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Picture This: The Science of Photography

Instructors: Delia Stephens and Alex Tran

Combining a passion for art with a love of science, this workshop invites students to construct their very own camera obscura, the precursor to the modern camera. As students build camera obscuras that project images onto tracing paper, they will learn about the physics of light and the chemistry of film photography. By the end of the workshop, the student will have gained a unique appreciation for the way cameras produce images. This workshop encourages students to think creatively about their environment as they learn to capture unique images with a scientific mindset.

Robots, Trains, and Circuits Galore!

Instructors: Matthew Leurman and Lisa Peng

In this workshop, we will cover a wide range of applications of electrical engineering and physics concepts. We will take students through basic breadboarding with LEDs and resistors, all the way to building and controlling a robot using Arduinos as the "brains" and popsicle sticks as the "body." As a fun bonus, see how magnets and batteries can induce current and make a physical magnetic force by building the world's simplest electromagnetic train! Our goal is to give students the building blocks and resources they need to further explore their interests. Come learn about how electricity flows and have fun! 

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